ICD-10 Delay Offers Silver Lining, A Message from BridgeFront’s CEO

By Peter Cizik, CEO

ICD-10 Delay Offers Silver Lining
The past week has been a turbulent one with ICD-10. Whether you saw it coming or it’s a surprise, I would like to offer our guidance with the delay. We are here to support you in whatever form that takes.

Several of our Physicians have offered thoughts for you to consider. I would also like to offer you a free consulting session with one of our experts to talk to your implementation task force. Just let me know and we will make it happen.

This delay provides a window of opportunity to finalize end-to-end testing, improve clinical documentation and thoroughly train staff members and test their readiness.

When and Not If – Avoid the Panic

Industry leaders strongly believe ICD-10 adoption remains a question of, “when” not “if.” Most experts are encouraging providers and payers to proceed with their existing plans and preparations. The delay offers the industry the time it needs to catch up, particularly around the issue of end-to-end testing, which was the weakest link in industry readiness.

This delay also provides a window of opportunity to work out all front end activities, train staff members and test their readiness, it is in fact a silver lining. However, losing momentum places all industry players in exactly the position they were in two weeks ago – a year will pass us by and the same panic will ensue all over again.

Clinical Documentation Optimization

Clinical documentation is not just an ICD-10 issue. While precise documentation was the most pressing concern when surveying ICD-10 project leaders…longstanding fundamental challenges around clinical documentation should be addressed today.

Under ICD-9, not only will you see a significant and immediate return on investment and audit protection, but you will also be preparing for ICD-10 when it is implemented.

The delay in ICD-10, provides the opportunity to help physicians review and optimize their documentation tools, including electronic records as well as dictation or written history and physicals.

The delay also helps provide higher quality patient care, a time savings by reducing the number of queries received by physicians today and an increase in revenue by ensuring physicians and hospitals receive credit for the patient care they’re providing. These steps will streamline our eventual transition to ICD-10.

BridgeFront is Here to Support You

BridgeFront is committed to offering positive outcome solutions to assist you, in whatever form that might take. Our integrated approach to ICD-10 includes on-site education, e-learning, custom course development, knowledge bases, webinars and even access to experts. This provides you the flexibility you need to be successful now and/or later.
If I or any of my staff members can be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can reach our Client Care team by calling 1.866.584.4747 or email clientcare@bridgefront.com.

We’re headed to HCCA 2014 Conference—are you?

By Chelsey Slack, BridgeFront

The HCCA 2014 Conference is taking place from March 30–April 2, and BridgeFront will be there! We’re thrilled to take this opportunity to spend some time in San Diego connecting with our clients and fellow healthcare educators.

Come and find us at booth #417, where you can say hello to Tamara, Allie and Chelsey, win great prizes and collect some valuable information about our online education programs and resources.

We’re more than happy to fill you in on compliance training and consulting, but be sure to ask us about our new course library, Security Awareness for Healthcare—something you’ll find especially helpful following the ONC’s recent focus on cyber security.

• Your emails aren’t encrypted?
• Unsure how to ensure WiFi safety?
• Lacking physical security?

No worries—our new security courses will teach your staff how to overcome these concerns and more.

In addition, we’re inviting you to join us as we lend a hand at the San Diego Food Bank—an organization that feeds hundreds of thousands of people each month. Learn more about this chance to give back, here.

Chelsey Slack is the Product Marketing Manager at BridgeFront. Visit www.bridgefront.com for more information or call 1.866.447.2211 for a free demonstration.

A New HIPAA Federal Rule is on the Horizon for Health Plans

What You Can (and Should) Do to Prepare

By Chelsey Slack, Product Marketing Manager, BridgeFront

In case preparing for ICD-10 and recovering from the Omnibus Rule isn’t enough, it looks like another federal rule—health plan certification for HIPAA compliance—is in the making from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

The new proposed HIPAA rule, which comes as another attempt to standardize healthcare administrative transactions, is currently under development.

Recent details tell us that the health plan certification rule will require controlling health plans (CHP) to provide documentation demonstrating their compliance with certain HIPAA standards and operating rules, as adopted by the HHS.

Currently, there are two phases outlined for the health plan certification:

In Phase I, the rule would affect these administrative transactions:
• Eligibility for a health plan
• Healthcare claim status
• Healthcare electronic funds transfers (EFT) and remittance advice

In Phase II, the rule would affect other administrative transactions:
• Healthcare claims or equivalent encounter information
• Enrollment and disenrollment in a health plan
• Health plan premium payments
• Health claims attachments
• Referral certification and authorization

The proposed certification date for Phase I is January 1, 2015, so the final rule may well be established by the end of this year. Once it’s in effect, healthcare organizations will seek certification by the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH).

Health plans will likely feel the largest impact of the new rule, as they can expect delays in payment if they’re not certified by the deadline.

So what you can you do now to prepare?

Health plans should:
• Discuss the rule with your operations team.
• Conduct initial training to outline the rules and certifications with your compliance team, so they can develop a projected timeline.

Providers should:
• Stay tuned in to the progress of the rule.

Regardless of whether you’re a health plan or a provider, it’s worth your while to stay informed.

Chelsey Slack is the Product Marketing Manager at BridgeFront. Visit www.bridgefront.com for more information or call 1.866.447.2211 for a free demonstration.

A Lesson from the Olympics on Leadership and Coaching

By Chelsey Slack, Product Marketing Manager, BridgeFront

The world’s top Olympic athletes all answer to a coach, so why don’t managers and CEOs do the same thing?

Coaches can offer valuable feedback, helpful suggestions and loads of real life examples. They are vital to an athlete’s success. You need look no further than to the 2014 Winter Olympics for hundreds of examples of exactly this.

This recent study shows that while very few in leadership positions receive coaching, 100% of them would actually welcome it. Some of the top areas that most managers and CEOs find they need the most help on is:

  • Sharing leadership/delegation
  • Conflict management
  • Team-building
  • And mentoring

“We are moving away from coaching being perceived as ‘remedial’ to where it should be: something that improves performance, similar to how elite athletes use a coach.”

BridgeFront offers training on these skills and more in our Leadership and Management Training eLearning courses. Affordably priced and ever-valuable, our ten courses bring all leaders to the next level.

Chelsey Slack is the Product Marketing Manager at BridgeFront. Visit www.bridgefront.com for more information or call 1.866.447.2211 for a free demonstration.

HIMSS14: Top 10 Reasons to Visit BridgeFront – Booth #3805

By Brent Moszer, Marketing Manager
HIMSS14 will be host to 300 educational sessions and 1,200 exhibitors. To get the most, you will need to prepare your schedule, starting here.

Heading to HIMSS14 to glean wisdom about ICD-10? Staff education should be top of mind. Swing by the BridgeFront booth #3805 and learn about our industry-leading ICD-10 education programs for clinical staff, office staff and physicians. Find out how BridgeFront’s education ensures you and your organization is prepared for the transition, before it is too late. Here are some other reasons to stop by our booth:

Top 10 Reasons to Visit BridgeFront’s Booth #3805
10. Learn all about ICD-10 education in 60 seconds.
9. Understand why your revenue cycle will be a mess in 2015, the how to fix it.
8. Get a roadmap to compliance, including security awareness training.
7. Increase revenues by just following a few quick steps.
6. Improve staff skill without breaking the bank.
5. Learn staff education tips and tricks from the experts
4. Put your policies and procedures online for all staff members
3. Track attestations the easy way.
2. A minutes with BridgeFront could save you thousands of dollars.
1. Of course … there are great give-aways! Money, prizes and a lot of laughs.

If you have an LMS and are unhappy, ask about our 25% trade-in discount.

BridgeFront – www.bridgefront.com
HIMSS – www.himssconference.org

Stop Bleeding Money, It Starts with Patient Intake

By Chelsey Slack, Product Marketing Manager, BridgeFront

Is your organization leaking money? Could your revenue cycle be to blame? Every year, healthcare facilities spend huge amounts of money chasing past-due payments. But isn’t there a better way?

InsidePatientFinance.com delivers a smart article that points out the benefits of a strong point-of-service or pre-service collection.

They include:
• Boosting cash flow.
• Reducing overhead costs.
• Minimizing the need for customer service, thereby reducing mailing costs and bad debt.

But a collection tactic is only as successful as your organization’s patient intake staff. Isn’t it worth it to educate these staff members on not only the “what” but especially the “how?”

BridgeFront’s Revenue Cycle Education eLearning program and certification process is the top program in the country. Perfect for patient access, intake, registration, accounting and medical billing staff. Written for skill sets from entry level to senior level.

With ICD-10 coming, this education is not an option. Get ready today.

Chelsey Slack is the Product Marketing Manager at BridgeFront. Visit www.bridgefront.com for more information or call 1.866.447.2211 for a free demonstration.

Social Media Usage in Healthcare: What’s the Balance?

By Chelsey Slack, Product Marketing Manager, BridgeFront

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or, yes, even CaringBridge, the vast majority of Americans use at least one form of social media to interact with others. Studies clearly indicate this does not stop when employees come to work. Is this a problem? Does it put your organization at risk? Where do you start with policies about using social media in the workplace?

In the healthcare industry, breaches of personally identifiable information (PII) and protected healthcare information (PHI) are a real threat to your patient and employee security. An article from HealthcareInfoSecurity.com weighs the pros and cons of patients and provider staff using social media.

Social media is new and growing exponentially in usage, and healthcare workers must find the right balance of its merits verses risks.

BridgeFront’s new eLearning courses explore the correct usage of social media. They can be consumed as-is or modified with your organization specific policies. An absolute must for all healthcare staff. Unveil the risks and instruct proper usage of workplace ethics—including internet usage—in your organization. Stay smart, stay protected.

Chelsey Slack is the Product Marketing Manager at BridgeFront, who offers compliance online education and risk assessment for hospitals, practices and clinics, and payers and health plans. Visit www.bridgefront.com for more information or call 1.866.447.2211 for a free demonstration.

Ten ICD-10 New Year’s Resolutions Worth the Commitment

By Chelsey Slack, Product Marketing Manager, BridgeFront ICD-10

We rang in the New Year last week, but with that celebration comes trepidation among the healthcare community. After all, we’re now less than nine months away from ICD-10’s Oct. 1 2014 implementation date.

Will it be nine months of struggle to prepare for the major shift?

In late 2013, the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) conducted a survey that found one cold, hard fact: The majority of the industry isn’t prepared to go live with ICD-10 this year.

Here are ten New Year’s resolutions that are worth the commitment as discussed in the latest ICD10Monitor.com Talk Ten Tuesday webinar.

These were presented by Laurie Johnson, MS, RHIA, CPC-H, FAHIMA, Senior ICD-10 Consultant and Educator for Peak Health Solutions:

1. First, in 2014, healthcare organizations should not be “planning” but “doing implementation.” The first order of business is your finance department needs to obtain a line of credit for emergencies post-October 1, 2014.

2. Ensure your organization does a thorough review of reimbursement processes and DRG assignment.

3. Your health information technology (HIT) department needs to test with at least one of your business partners, whether you’re a hospital and need to test with a payer or vice versa.

4. Secondly, your HIT department needs to ensure all hardware can handles the longer codes in ICD-10.

5. Ask your vendors if their software will be ready for ICD-10.

6. Is your health information management (HIM) department prepared for General Equivalence Mappings (GEMs)? Is your team is prepared it can relieve some of the pressure on your coders.

7. Start your code set training for physicians, CDI staff and coders. Best practices from AHIMA indicates this needs to start at least six months prior to the transition deadline.

8. Clinical documentation improvement needs to start now. Make this a priority, it takes time.

9. Ensure you have a competent ICD-10 steering committee that is fully prepared for the transition.

10. Have a contingency plan for ALL business processes in your organization. Remember your number one goal is to submit accurate claims so your organization gets paid!

Chelsey Slack is the Product Marketing Manager at BridgeFront, who offers ICD-10 Education Solutions for hospitals, practices and clinics, and payers and health plans. Visit www.bridgefront.com for more information or call 1.866.447.2211 for a free demonstration.

Heading to the 2013 AHIMA Convention? Be Aware of ‘Smoke Screen’ ICD-10 Answers

By Chelsey Slack, Product Marketing Manager

The healthcare news headlines are crowded with answers to your ICD-10 woes. This week, I attended the ICD10Monitor.com “Talk Ten Tuesday” session and one of the panelists shared some very important advice on discernment.

Be aware of ‘smoke screen answers’ from vendors, such as your EMR vendor. For example, in asking if they are ready for ICD-10 and they answer 100% yes, ask for details!

Don’t believe everything you see and hear. Some experts are simply misinformed or uninformed. For example, in attending conference sessions, be sure to check the presentation facts after the conference.

Focus on what you need, not what is being sold to you. There is a lot of noise in the market (and will be in the exhibit hall) trying to make you believe that resources like posters, games and pdf’s are the answers to it all. While fun, the core value is quality education delivered in a way and at a price that will help you be successful in the ICD-10 transition.

This may be age-old advice, however it rings true for many situations, including the 2013 AHIMA Convention and Exhibit. Keep this in mind as you network, stroll through the exhibit hall and take sessions at the conference. Happy travels!

BridgeFront is a leading provider of healthcare eLearning and is exhibiting at the conference in booth #1721. Stop by for a chance at great prizes and to see a live demonstration of our ICD-10 eLearning Program.

3 Reasons to Visit BridgeFront at the AHIMA 2013 Convention & Exhibit

By Chelsey Slack, Product Marketing Manager
ICD-10 is quickly approaching and so is the AHIMA 2013 Convention & Exhibit. If you’re headed that way, come see what’s new with BridgeFront in booth #1721. We’re excited to share our ICD-10 eLearning program.

Here are three reasons to stop by our booth:

1. Get a live, on-site demonstration of our engaging and effective ICD-10 eLearning Program.

Stop by and receive a live demonstration of our extensive selection of ICD-10 eLearning education. Our program offers eight ICD-10 curriculums and walks your staff through the transition. Ideal for everyone from front-end staff to physicians, our education solution could very well mean the difference between staying comfortably afloat or sinking in the pool of change.

2. Receive access to a free ICD-10 course as a trial, and our special door prize, just for stopping by with this blog post.

Print and bring this blog post for access to a free ICD-10 course as a trial, and you’ll also receive our special door prize for printing or showing us this blog post.

3. Meet our friendly staff. We’re eager to help with your education needs!

Come on by and meet some of our friendly staff members in the booth. We’re here to help with your staff education needs, whether it’s ICD-10, Revenue Cycle or Compliance. Remember, with our ICD-10 program, we also offer live and virtual training, along with our interactive eLearning program.

For more information about the AHIMA 2013 Convention & Exhibit, go to: http://www.ahima.org/convention.

About BridgeFront:

Effective, customizable and budget-friendly; BridgeFront helps healthcare provide the highest quality of staff education. You have the flexibility to take any online course as-is or modify it, and even build your own courses. For over ten years, BridgeFront has provided engaging online education on compliance, revenue cycle, patient communications, clinical, leadership and now ICD-10. You can reach by calling 1.866.447.2211 or email info@bridgefront.com.