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Heading to the 2013 AHIMA Convention? Be Aware of ‘Smoke Screen’ ICD-10 Answers

By Chelsey Slack, Product Marketing Manager

The healthcare news headlines are crowded with answers to your ICD-10 woes. This week, I attended the ICD10Monitor.com “Talk Ten Tuesday” session and one of the panelists shared some very important advice on discernment.

Be aware of ‘smoke screen answers’ from vendors, such as your EMR vendor. For example, in asking if they are ready for ICD-10 and they answer 100% yes, ask for details!

Don’t believe everything you see and hear. Some experts are simply misinformed or uninformed. For example, in attending conference sessions, be sure to check the presentation facts after the conference.

Focus on what you need, not what is being sold to you. There is a lot of noise in the market (and will be in the exhibit hall) trying to make you believe that resources like posters, games and pdf’s are the answers to it all. While fun, the core value is quality education delivered in a way and at a price that will help you be successful in the ICD-10 transition.

This may be age-old advice, however it rings true for many situations, including the 2013 AHIMA Convention and Exhibit. Keep this in mind as you network, stroll through the exhibit hall and take sessions at the conference. Happy travels!

BridgeFront is a leading provider of healthcare eLearning and is exhibiting at the conference in booth #1721. Stop by for a chance at great prizes and to see a live demonstration of our ICD-10 eLearning Program.

An Oasis in a Sea of Vendors, BridgeFront Booth 4774 at HIMSS13

By Kent Lane, COO of BridgeFrontBridgeFront Booth 4774

There will be three million square feet in the exhibitor area at HIMSS this year. When you’re ready for a break, drop by our booth and try your luck at a game of Plinko and win instant prizes.

To make your visit even more productive, read these recent blog posts from HIStalk and Billian’s HealthData on why:

“… everyone in the booth needs to know the three reasons to spend five minutes in the booth, the three reasons why their product has an impact, the three reasons why they are better than [the] competitor, [and] the three reasons customers buy from them.”

So, BridgeFront came up with our “threes” for the upcoming HIMSS13 show:

3 Reasons to Spend 5 Minutes in Booth #4774

1) Find out how to educate staff on today’s critical topics like Coding, ICD-10, Revenue Cycle and HIPAA in less time, for a fraction of the cost of classroom training.
2) Leave with a chance to win a $100 VISA gift card.
3) Play the game PLINKO with us for prizes! Have a little fun!

3 Reasons BridgeFront Products Have an Impact

1) Reduces staff training time and cost of staff training.
2) Increases revenue through greater staff productivity and fewer errors.
3) Lowers risk of costly data breaches and non-compliance penalties.

3 Reasons BridgeFront is Better than the Competition

1) You can customize our e-learning to include your organization information and author your own e-learning courses using our tools.
2) 100% of our clients rate our customer support as second to none.
3) Our e-learning is easy to access and designed for the adult learner, yet interactive and engaging.

3 Reasons Customers Buy from BridgeFront

1) Price points are the lowest you will find amongst online education companies.
2) We’ve been a trusted provider of online education for over 10 years.
3) Our e-learning is easy to access, implement and track for leadership.

For more information about BridgeFront, stop by our booth #4774 at HIMSS13 or visit us online at www.bridgefront.com.

Tips on Attending HIMSS13 and Visiting the Exhibition

By Kent Lane, COO of BridgeFronthimss13-logo3

We’re excited to learn about the new Knowledge Centers for 2013 in the exhibit hall at this year’s HIMSS Conference. This is a great opportunity to gain valuable insight into key topics like ICD-10, Mobile Health, and Clinical and Business Analytics/Intelligence.

In each Knowledge Center, there’s a packed schedule of peer-reviewed presentations, case studies, experts to speak with, HIMSS resources, and much more.

If you’re interested in ICD-10, go to the ICD-10 Knowledge Center in booth #4581. Make sure to attend one of the presentations on topics like, “Measuring ICD-10′s Impact on Coder Productivity” on March 4 at 1:15pm and “ICD 10: Bigger Than an IT Issue” on March 5 at 3:30pm.

While there, take a minute to meet the BridgeFront staff nearby in booth #4774. Ask about our newly expanded Coding and ICD-10 Education Program for your staff. Our staff is ready to discuss your organization’s ICD-10 education plan and how we can help.

Here are some tips from HIMSS on visiting the exhibition:

1. “Pre-plan your exhibition experience.”
2. “Don’t miss any of the HIMSS Specialty Pavilions on the show floor.”
3. “Check out Conference Deals and Targeted Exhibitor Listings prior to conference.”
4. “Be ready to network and start developing business relationships.”
5. “Be comfortable. Comfortable walking shoes are a must.”

For more information about BridgeFront’s HIMSS13 booth #4774, read the news here or contact us directly. Call 1.886.447.2211 or email info@bridgefront.com.

Why Accurate Clinical Documentation Makes all the Difference

As of the date of this post, we still don’t know when we will begin using ICD-10. Regardless, it is imperative that everyone understand how they can influence and support workflow processes within your organization today.

It doesn’t matter if we’re using ICD-9 or ICD-10, detailed and complete clinical documentation is so important. We can all agree the assignment of a diagnosis or procedure code begins with the physician, non-physician provider and other care delivery staff who provide care, as well as documenting the clinical care.

The importance of detailed and complete clinical documentation practices can’t be over-emphasized.

It is essential that current clinical documentation support not only the ICD-9 coding and medical necessity requirements, but also the specificity that ICD-10 will bring. Physicians, non-physician providers and care delivery personnel are vital to maintaining coding accuracy and productivity, but there are others than are also part of the process.

Consider the impact on a hospital’s work processes, accounts receivable, and cash flow if accurate diagnosis codes aren’t obtained at the time of patient intake…what will happen?

1. The health information management (HIM) coders will need to investigate the correct codes—a process that will slow productivity.

2. The claim may be denied because of the incomplete or incorrect code.

3. Patient accounts, finance, reimbursement and/or denial management will need to investigate and take action, resulting in further delays and rework.

So, for those of you that are sitting back and waiting for CMS to confirm the ICD-10 implementation deadline, may I suggest you take time now to review and analyze your patient intake process.

Do this, by identifying specific workflow improvement opportunities to reduce unnecessary rework and denials now. Engage patient access staff in a targeted project to become a safety net, and proactively reduce / eliminate diagnosis code related rework, rejections and denials.

Ready, set, go!

On the Road to the HIMSS12 Conference

On the Road to HIMSS12

On the Road to HIMSS12

As the twitter chatter begins, the speakers practice their presentations, and the walls in the convention center begin their initial ascent—BridgeFront is also gearing up for its first time exhibiting at the HIMSS national conference.

With over 35,000 healthcare IT and management systems professionals expected, we are extremely excited to make new connections and eager to catch up with current clients and partners.

You can find us in exhibit hall G at booth #14147 near the ICD-10 Knowledge Center, a new feature for the HIMSS national conference. It’s a great place to see expert presentations and make a quick stop at the BridgeFront booth to learn about our new ICD-10 Preparedness Education, accredited by AHIMA and AAPC.

Also, make sure to ask about our new meaningful use education and mobile learning technology. At our booth, you’ll also find some great giveaways too.

To learn more about BridgeFront, visit us at booth #14147 during the HIMSS conference, or go to our website at www.bridgefront.com. Contact us directly by calling 1-866-447-2211 or email info@bridgefront.com.

Visit the HIMSS12 website at www.himssconference.org for more information on the conference.

What is your most anticipated event or feature at HIMSS12?